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2D nonlinear wave body interaction using Semi-ALE
Published in
Issue: SPEC. ISSUE 50
Pages: 394 - 399
The present study aims at generating the fully nonlinear waves based on Finite Element method (FEM) used by SRIRAM et al. (2006). The author simulated the nonlinear waves based on structured mesh by regenerating the mesh at each and every time step using the Mixed Eulerian and Lagrangian (MEL) scheme. In this paper, it has been extended to unstructured mesh. The mesh is adapted at each and every time step by using the spring analogy method instead of regenerating at every time step which makes the above method called as Semi- Arbitary Lagrangian and Eulerian (Semi-ALE/SALE). The simulation has been carried out in a numerical wave tank (NWT) with a surface piercing rectangular object. For such a situation, the diffraction by a surface piercing object becomes relevant in connection to breakwater studies where the primary interest is wave reflection and wave transmission. Regular waves and solitary waves are generated from one end of the tank. The nonlinear wave reflection and transmission characteristics reveals that the transmission is less for regular waves, while in the case of solitary waves the reflected energy is very small and the transmission is more.
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JournalJournal of Coastal Research
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