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2D-Molybdenum Disulfide-Derived Ion Source for Mass Spectrometry
Basuri P., Jana S.K., Mondal B., Ahuja T., Unni K., Islam M.R.,
Published in ACS Publications
PMID: 33587609
Volume: 15
Issue: 3
Pages: 5023 - 5031
Generation of current or potential at nanostructures using appropriate stimuli is one of the futuristic methods of energy generation. We developed an ambient soft ionization method for mass spectrometry using 2D-MoS2, termed streaming ionization, which eliminates the use of traditional energy sources needed for ion formation. The ionic dissociation-induced electrokinetic effect at the liquid-solid interface is the reason for energy generation. We report the highest figure of merit of current generation of 1.3 A/m2 by flowing protic solvents at 22 μL/min over a 1 × 1 mm2 surface coated with 2D-MoS2, which is adequate to produce continuous ionization of an array of analytes, making mass spectrometry possible. Weakly bound ion clusters and uric acid in urine have been detected. Further, the methodology was used as a self-energized breath alcohol sensor capable of detecting 3% alcohol in the breath. ©
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JournalACS Nano
PublisherACS Publications
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