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(2,3,5,10,12,13,15,20-Octaphenylporphinato)copper(II) 1,1,2,2-tetra- chloroethane solvate
, Karuppaiah Karunanithi, Babu Varghese
Published in
Volume: 64
Issue: 2
Pages: m330 - m331
The title complex, [Cu(C68H44N4)]·C2H2Cl4, exhibits nearly square-planar geometry around the CuII centre and the macrocyclic ring is almost planar. The porphyrin mol-ecule has an approximate non-crystallographic inversion centre (Ci ), and a non-crystallographic twofold rotation axis (C 2) within the CuII-porphyrin ring plane. Further, it has non-crystallographic twofold rotation axis and mirror plane (Cs ) symmetry perpendicular to the mol-ecular plane. The mol-ecular packing of the complexes and the solvent molecules shows weak inter-molecular C - H⋯π, C - H⋯Cl and C - H⋯N inter-actions, forming a clathrate-like structure.
About the journal
JournalActa Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online
Open AccessYes
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